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Bedbug Control Services

One of the things that can make you irritable before going to bed is the thought of a bed infested with bugs. Contact Mexia Pest Control and let us do the hard work and make your bed bug-free.


Bedbugs are not pests that you can handle on your own. Call our experienced team that will handle your bedbug control needs efficiently.

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Bedbugs are small and brown insects that feed on the blood of pets and humans. They move exclusively by crawling and are resilient and can live for months without feeding. These bugs are also active at night and tend to sleep or nest where people sleep.


Though bedbugs are not known to carry diseases, bedbugs can substantially reduce quality of life by causing skin rashes, psychological effects, and allergic symptoms.

Exceptional Bedbug Control Services

Established in 1980, we're known for our top-of-the-line pest-related services. Count on our more than 30 years of experience in the business. Expect nothing but quality services from us.

Experience that counts

  • Assess the places in your home

  • Find the hiding places of bedbugs

  • Treat home efficiently

  • Treatment for cracks and crevices

  • Residual will be left behind that will help prevent the germination of new bedbugs

Don't Let Bedbugs Claim a Good Night's Sleep

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